Re: Getting the Captivator Pro/TV to work ALMOST !!

chuck elliot (
Wed, 13 Dec 1995 16:55:37 GMT

My understanding is that Pro/TV will not work with cusm because
it does not support 'preview' mode only 'overlay' (or maybe the
other way round!) and cusm needs this mode to work. That's why
you get the diagonal lines and no video.


> I've seen a number of references from people who have had
> problems when using VideoLogics Captivator Pro & Pro/TV.
> The symptom was a GPF somewhere in TGCAPDRV.DRV
> as soon as CU-seeme was started.
> After some toying around I have managed to resolve this
> problem. Basically using Videologics TIGVSNAP program
> to setup the Window size and Video Format DOESN'T WORK !!
> I think that CU-seeme doesn't read the .INI file that is generated
> Use the 'VIDCAP' program that comes with the Video for
> Windows disks/cd to Setup the window size of 160x120 and a
> 8-bit Palette.
> Once you have done this it'll get you past the GPF. BUT...
> The next part is to get past the Diagonal Lines that will appear
> in the 'self-view' window. It's as though CU-seeme has placed
> the Captivator Pro into Preview, which it doesn't support.
> You'll notice that a couple of times the Selfview window slows
> up, as though its sending various unsupported commands via
> the mci interface.
> So the question is Can anyone get CU-Seeme past the Diagonal
> lines.
> Anyone else like to add to this to complete it ?
> Justyn.
Chuck Elliot
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