CuSeeMe, Webphoneb4 and V34 - The modem solution?

Alain Caillet (
Wed, 13 Dec 1995 23:18:49 -0500

So you can't get sound with Cu even at at 28.8...

I couldn't too but the duo WebPhone (
and Cu 0.84b7 solved my problem.

I reduce Cu max transmission to 10K and WebPhone is all
at ease to deliver crystal clear audio. What's the catch?
WebPhone will expire on Jan 31st. There after you will have to
buy it and ... it may be addictive ..

Tonight I try few connections each one as good as the other.
The 10k may seems slow but remember if you connect at 28.8
to your ISP it does not mean your packets keep travel ling at
that speed to your party ISP. Experiment ...
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