invalid handle; capture driver improperly installed

Brendon Macaraeg (
Thu, 14 Dec 1995 01:23:46 -0500


On the QuickCam for Windows:

After trying to massage my system.ini, and quickcam.ini,
I have failed to get a decent picture: it's all snow.

When I try to drop down to 16 color palette or
click on "video source" in Video Setup menu,
I get the error message:

"invalid handle"


"video capture driver improperly installed"

The thing is, however, that when I run QuickMovie,
the movie capture app that ships with the QuickCam
the camera works fine!

I'm running Win95 with the ms vfw drivers
that come with Win95, 16MB RAM,

Any suggestions appreciated.
I'm kinda desparate as I had to hack
the friggin' parallel port
apart a bit to get the damn adapter
in next to my mouse serial connector!
IOW: I'm stuck for $106.95 if I can't
get this to work!

Brendon Macaraeg
"Paranoia is often an extreme hightened awareness"