Re: Cu-Seeme audio

Scott Hudson (
Thu, 14 Dec 1995 07:23:06 -0600

At 8:57 AM 10/8/95, Doug Gross wrote:
>I attempted to dirctly connect to a friends machine and conduct a
>CU-SEEME conference. Unfortunately, All was not well. The friend (PC -
>vers 8b5 28.8bps ) could receive my video but not my audio- Macrecorder-
>(Mac IIfx ver 8b3, MacTCP 2.0.6 MacPPP 2.0.2 28.8 bps). I could receive
>his audio with a problem.
>All options lurker/audio/accept conection without confirmation etc. were
>attempted and I even tried with Maven with no success. Any suggestions?
I am going to mess this up , but on the MAC sound probplems you need to
tweek the sound in part of the control panel. You need to use the play thru
option, and make sure your sound in selection is right. I always have to
mess with this when a class is using cusm. I also find that using an
external mic is better than an AV built in one. I am still having all sorts
of problems with the 5200's using thier video in boards. I did use the
quikcam with no problem. and have gotten an audio connection going fine.
good luck

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