CU-SeeMe for Windows and Vidiola Pro

Abi Admassu (
Wed, 13 Dec 1995 17:42:42 -0800


I installed Orchid's Vidiola Pro video capture card and CU-SeeMe W0.84B6 on
Windows 3.1 on IBM 350 P60 PC. This machine came with a built in S3 Vision
864 Video card. I connect my Camera to the video input on the Vidiola card
and start the live video window of the Vidiola to see myself. This works ok.
I also can see myself using one of the software packages that came with the
vidiola (Adobe). However when I start cuseeme, although I can connect to
someone to see them, I can not see myself in the Local Video Window. I also
tried this with cuseeme w0.34b5 with the same result. What shows up in the
window is grey/black/white bands. My system.ini file has the
msvideo=avcapt.drv entry. My Display is set for vision 864 640x480 256.
Can anyone suggest what I am missing? Thanks in advance.

University of California