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Ingo Schmoll (is@leverkusen.netsurf.de)
Thu, 14 Dec 95 18:39:17 -0100

I use a Connectix Quickcam (Version 1.0) with Cu-seeme on my AV
Macintosh without any problems. When I Use Cu-seeme (version 0.83b3 PPC)
for Power Pc on my Powerbook 5300c I get a "Systemerror 11" whenever I
try to run the software and have to reboot my machine, but when I run
cu-seeme without the connectix quickcam connected (and without having
the camera's software installed) it works fine. I already tried to
switch my extensions off and try it then, but the same thing happens.
Can you help me ?
Thanks a lot for an answer