Re: Anyone running a connectix on a Pentium
Thu, 14 Dec 95 11:08:31 PST

I run it on a Pentium and have no Problems. Check your Parallel port
settings in your CMOS. Also who's P75 machines are they??


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Subject: Anyone running a connectix on a Pentium
Author: at ww-internet
Date: 12/14/95 12:45 AM

and having some probs with the display. I run the unit on a 486 and
all's fine but when I hook it up to a pentium the display gets fractured
and displays a half splash-type screen. I'll get this question over to
the folks at Quickcam but I thought maybe some of you would of already
come across it and determined a way around. itried it on two different
P-75's with the same effect. Once I go back to the DX250 or DX4100 level
all is fine...thanx...jf...