Re: Exhibitors...unwanted!

Michael Sattler (
Thu, 14 Dec 1995 23:10:15 -0800

At 09:44 12/14/95, olivier PAGE wrote:

>you'd better tell it to the net provider and if you've got no
>response ,you can and must deny all a subnet because
>of dynamically given addresses

You are technically correct, but I think some context would be in order.

If you've got a "weenie waver" (rarely a "breast bouncer") the procedurally
correct thing to do is get his (rarely her) IP address and tell the ISP to
inform them why that subnet is being denied access.

But remember that an Internet service provider (ISP) is in the business of
selling access, not content. In the USA, an ISP loses legal protection
once it begins to monitor or provide content restrictions (such as a
"family place on the net"). So you may get a polite response, but they're
not in any sort of position to police the bits.

Adding the ability for the CU-SeeMe client to lock out participants by
subnet would allow parents to not fear late-night CU-SeeMe sex education.

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