Problems - please help.....

Ron Causton (
Fri, 15 Dec 95 10:50:29 GMT

Hi all,

I am trying to get cuseeme working on my system and am having lots of
problems. I have doenloaded the latest version v0.84b7 and also have several
older versions that do the same sort of thing. The problem is as follows.

I am running a 386 via a direct university connection. The PC is running the
Sun PCNFS network software and it works fine with Netscape,ping, ftp,
telnet, etc.

I load cuseeme and get a video window in the centre screen (splash window) a
nd a small cuseeme window in top left corner of screen.

When I try and connect I get the message:-

InitOpenRequest - gethostbyname Error [10036]

if I then click the OK box I get:-

Error using specified IP address, hostname or alias

So I click the ok box and I am left with the cuseeme window and the video
window. If I then try and close the cuseeme window I get the following:-

WSACleanup - error [10036]

This closes the cuseeme window but leaves the video window on screen. I
cannot remove the video window at all and I doesn't show up as being open

If I then do a CTRL-ALT-DEL I get:-

application has stopped responding to the system

The only way to clear the video window is to exit windows and restsart.

If I do this and the re-run cuseeme all I get is the video window but no
cuseeme window! and again the only way to clear it is to exit windows and

Please, has anyone any idea how I can get up and running. I don'y have a
camera yet but want to see what results I can get before lashing out the
money for the camera and card.

All the best and seasons greetings,