Re: 14.4 modem

Ian Carr-de Avelon (
Fri, 15 Dec 1995 12:25:26 +0100

>Could I use 14.4 modem for Audio and Video or Not ?

Almost (maybe with compressed slip, 0.01 fps) certainly not.

>Is it any way to bypass this problem?

Not with CU-SeeMe at the moment.

>(I am just trying to istall this system in Russia where 28.8 connection
>not widely available)

I agrea that this is a pain, and the 14.4 will have lots of errors unless
the exchange is a new electronic one. I am looking at the possibilities for
provideing Internet in Poland. Keep in touch.
I have previously considered that a "push to send" video system
would help a lot of people on slow lines, or who's ISP has over sold their
connection (not uncommon). So you would receive a couple of seconds of
(perfect) video "Hello John", <freese frame> and you respond "Oh, hi Tom,
how is it going?". If you have a fast link, say on your company network,
that message starts playing almost immediately (it would be best if the
software looks at the speed of the incoming packets to see that it can start
the playback before all the burst is in) on a 14.4 your 2 second message
would take 4 seconds, so there would be an extra 2 seconds delay over
CU-SeeMe. On a very slow route that could be streched as long as necessary.
This would give one reliable system which would work the whole Internet,
improveing as more capacity is added, falling back as more traffic is added.
I noticed yesterday on the Software for Linux list that there is a
CU-SeeMe "reflector" which sends TCP in place of UDP. I have not looked at
it yet, but this could be a start. You would need to add a spool (say 10
seconds) and only send video when the client sends sound. In that way the
CU-SeeMe client could remain standard.
It will be months before I can invest any real time in this, but it
is a development I would really like to see. Is anyone interested in
starting a group?

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