Re: CU-SEEME-L digest 640

David Reider (dreider@BBN.COM)
Fri, 15 Dec 1995 13:51:37 -0500

>Date: Wed, 13 Dec 1995 09:57:25 -0500
>From: David Reider <dreider@BBN.COM>
>Subject: Help: No Audio Input
>Message-ID: <acf4988b010210049cb2@[]>
>After a recent total system loss, reinstall, extensions, prefs, everything,
>whenever I launch CUSM I get the message: "Unable to find any audio input
>devices, continue in audio receive mode..."

I figured it out guys. CUSM won't deal with sound sampling rates above
22KHz. Confusing, of course is that CUSM gave an error message regarding
sound input, but in 7.5, you can only set your sampling OUT rate, which is
in the sound OUTPUT control panel box. Now I can sleep again. Thanks to all
who tried to help.

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