Re: WebSurfer Message

Fri, 15 Dec 1995 14:10:03 -0600

At 12:06 AM 12/14/95 PST, you wrote:
>Win 95 on a P5/133. I am running a QuickCam and version 0.84. It worked for
one or two sessions but now I cannot open my
>local video window. It shows up on the task bar but will not open. Relector
participants say my transmission is garbage.
>QuickCam is operating as it will work just fine when running the QuickCam
software, it just will not work with the Cu-SeeMe
>software. I tried deleting and re-installing the QuickCam and the CU-SeeMe
but still the same problem. Anybody got an idea?
>Gary King


Try deleting the entire program AND the cuseeme.ini file in your windows
directory. this happened to me once when I closed the program while the
local video windows was minimized in win95... never found a way to restore
the window so I started over.