Re: Newbie needs to get up to speed...

Richard Reese-Edwards (
Fri, 15 Dec 1995 22:23:07 GMT

At 12:15 15/12/95, Michael Sattler wrote:
>At 7:19 AM 12/15/95, Richard Reese-Edwards wrote:
>>Michael thanks for this....
>You're welcome.
>>>My book "Internet TV with CU-SeeMe" (ISBN 1-57521-006-1) is available!
>>book sounds great who is the publisher ? ...and I'll order it in
>>London today.. or maybe I can find it in stock..
>All you should need is the ISBN, but the publisher is, which is
>the network part of Sams, which is the paperback publisher part of
>Macmillian. I very much appreciate your getting it in stock.

Michael...ha !!! all you need is... love... nay the ISBN.... who are we
kidding... our Bookstores here are stuffed with Dickensian figures using
quills and ink and carrier pidgeons to order the books... and for some
reason unknown to me (and I *always* use the ISBN's as much as possible and
yearn for the day when that's all I need..) when its a book from the dear
ol' usa things go swifter with many of our suppliers here with the
publisher as well... crazy but it's so...and off ISBN'ing and Macmillan'ing
we if you're planning an international market take a leaf out
of Adam Engst's stuff and quote the publisher as well...they'll enjoy the
free plug too :-)