gethostname() error 11004 & stuff

Greg Peacock (
Sat, 16 Dec 1995 13:34:31 -0800

I am trying to get cuseeme up on my system.
486 DX/33 8mgs
Movie Machine Pro with M/Jpeg card.
Panasonic S/VHS OmniMovieHQ
Sound Blaster 16.

the error mentioned above comes up on couple of address's but
have yet to start the program without "hmmmm there could be a problem"
twice. I have tryed looking for a hosts file, removing the two .sam
files and making one with the correct hostname and IP. But I dont
think i am doing the whole IP thing correctly. My provider has asigns
me an IP address each time I log on. I have tryed changing the host
file to the IP asigned (wsping) but it doexe'nt seem to change things.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.