ISDN & Multimedia testing help

david h. (
Sat, 16 Dec 95 19:56:30 PST

1- Is there a web or ftp site to view all or part of this CU-SEEME
mailing list ?

2- Does anyone, who also has ISDN (any rate from 56-128) want
to do a few experimental conferences. I'm on 128K ISDN and would
like to see the results of two direct TCP/IP connections without
going through a reflector.
I would prefer someone with both video and audio AND a MAC and PC,
which is what I have, so that we can compare "real world" results
on all eight or so combinations.

3- While the above is what I want to do for system performance testing,
I would like to connect with any others who are also into video,
multimedia, or film production or post-production especially with
experimental or "independent" type interests. I'd like to see how
various types of productions look via CU-SEEME.

Also anyone who is in the S.F. Bay Area and wants to connect direct
through TCP/IP or direct dialup using any platform I would like to
experiment with also. I'm usually awake from Noon-4 am. PST.


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