FYI: How to work QuickCam for Windows

Takayuki Tei (
Sun, 17 Dec 1995 03:04:09 -0500

Dear QCW users,

It worked before, but it doesn't work anymore?
Do you have some difficulties to get work QC, but you don't
know why?

Try this.

Notice: Assuming Win95 environment, and you have installed
QC once already.

1. Open "Control Panel/Multimedia/Advanced/Video Capture
Device". You must find "QuickCam video capture driver".
Remote this.

2. Perform "Start/Find/Files or Folders...".
Specify "quickcam" as "Named" parameter.

3. Delete all files and folders found.

4. Re-install "QuickCam for Windows Disk1".

This solved my problem.

Good luck!

Takayuki Tei
Novell, Inc.