Re: CU-SeeMe With Mac 7500

Luc Volders (
Sun, 17 Dec 1995 14:04:34 +0100


>Does anybody have any suggestions or experience running CU-SeeMe
>with a Mac 7500/100 running system 7.5.2? I am running OT 1.0.8 and
>freePPP 1.0.2.

Concerning using CU with an Apple 7500 there are two things to keep in mind.

a) CU does not work with Open Transport
b) CU has a problem with virtual memory on a 7500

There are two messages posted on this list concerning this before and
I will quote them here:

>1. Install OpenTransport COMPLETELY.
>2. Remove from the Extensions folder the libraries named "Open Tpt Internet
> Library" and "OpenTptInternetLib". These are the libraries that have the
> code for mishandling dialup connections. Also remove the TCP/IP control
> panel.
>3. Make sure that you have MacPPP 2.1.1SD or later (I use 2.2.0a) and MacTCP
> 2.0.6 or later. Any version of FreePPP is fine. If you don't have these,
> they're available in the usual places.
>4. Turn off virtual memory.
>This will permit AppleTalk to operate properly, but will supress OT's handling
>of PPP networking.
>Once I did all this, my 7500 was very happy to work and use built-in video
>(with 0.83b2).

This one was from Mark Hartman, and the next is from Tim Dorcey:

>Currently, CU-SeeMe (83b3) will only work on a 7500 if you turn off Virtual
>Memory, so make sure you buy lots of real memory. We *hope* to soon have a
>work around that will allow digitizing with Virtual Memory on.

This will help I presume.


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