Piccies one way and silence is not so golden..

Richard Reese-Edwards (global@dircon.co.uk)
Sun, 17 Dec 1995 14:55:39 GMT

Got CU-SeeMe (how i love it...) going from my PPC 8500 System 7.5.2 lots of
goodies to my friend's PPC 5200 System 7.5 both with O.8b3

I can call her and she can respond and CMe but not me her
there is a longish delay (about 6 seconds) on the transmission ..perhaps
that is normal although we are both connected to the same service provider

She cannot check the box in Preferences for Video as it remains gray

Neither of us can get the Audio to work

and last but not least what are the correct settings for the audio and picture
transmission and reception ?

we both have 28.8 modems Motorola and Global Village respectively and are
using QuickCams


*Many thanks* ..I'm getting there :-)