Modem Speed

yeheskel chen-zion (
Sat, 16 Dec 95 22:04:17 PST

Hello folks,
A while ago I asked if upgrading my modem from 14.4 to 28.8 will improve
video quality.
Thank for all the people who replied and there was an agreement that it
deffinitely will, by at least 30%.
When I receive video with my Cu-SeeMe I noticed that the data is streaming
at a rate from 1kbs to 12kbps at best, and rarely.

My question is:

What good would a 28.8 modem do if the communication links allow only up to
12kbs, at least in my case.

>From reading many postings of the members, I get the impression that they
are very happy with the video but have lots of problems with the audio.
The video I am receiving now is a technological feat but I could hardly rate
it as satisfactory. At best it is a series of stills that come one after the
other and updating slowly. Perhaps others have better experience with the
video. I would like people to post a reference to my observation. I might
learn something.

12/16/95 22:04:17