QQ. re expected results on 'starter' system

Jim Gilligan (Jim@oaknet.demon.co.uk)
Sun, 17 Dec 1995 18:34:48 GMT

I have just started using CU-SeeMe and recognise immediately the need
to upgrade from a 14k4 modem to 28k8. Okay, but with Christmas a week
away, I don't think that investment is going to happen today... :)

However, I would be interested to know what kind of results people are
getting of different configurations.

I am running a rather unusual machine, a RiscPC, which has an onboard
486 processor and runs Windows 3.1 (just as fast as my native 486s at
work for most things....) I can receive video only at present (my
sound card is in the post...) but I do have a very stable fast serial
port - currently 57k but potentially 115k. I generally lose nothing on
email and newsfeed.

I run CU-SeeMe with grey scale only through Demon Internet - a
European ISP who provide dialup 28k8 facilities.

Currently I get between 0-3fps and 0-9kbps. This means I get some
interesting if bizarre still shots with occassional jerky movement. I
also lose a lot on the chat connection, presumably because of lost

Given that performance for my machine is a reasonable standard for
other Windows applications, my serial port is faster than many PCs,
but I have a slow modem, can anyone answer the followig questions:

1. Is the performance I currently get par for the course for my
configuration? (Of course there could be RiscPC considerations which I
wouldn't expect to be included here....May we assume for the moment
that it runs as a standard 486...?)

2. Is the 14k4 modem the 'bottleneck' or are there other
considerations? What kind of throughput increase could I expect in fps
and kbps with a 28k8 modem? If the answer is only 'double' then
clearly the results will still be poor. 6fps and 18kbps at best....

BTW I have *not* set tranmissions rates within the software as I
believed they only referred to outgoing data.... Almost all my setup
is default...

Thanks for your help and have a good Christmas... :)

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