Re: Problems - please help.....

Markku Siitonen (
18 Dec 1995 07:32:42 GMT

>Hi all,
>I am trying to get cuseeme working on my system and am having lots of
>problems. I have doenloaded the latest version v0.84b7 and also have several
>older versions that do the same sort of thing. The problem is as follows.
>I am running a 386 via a direct university connection. The PC is running the
>Sun PCNFS network software and it works fine with Netscape,ping, ftp,
>telnet, etc.
>I load cuseeme and get a video window in the centre screen (splash window) a
>nd a small cuseeme window in top left corner of screen.
>When I try and connect I get the message:-
>InitOpenRequest - gethostbyname Error [10036]

Hi there....

Try to find out if your IP declared in the HOSTS file is the same as you are
using (or getting).

Happy X-mas

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