Stefaan Quix (Stefaan.Quix@stuc.kuleuven.ac.be)
Mon, 18 Dec 1995 15:54:25 +0100

Me an a friend connected our two reflectors together this afternoon using the
UNICAST-REF ip_of_friend option in the reflect.config file. We're both
using linux and the 4.00b3 reflector.
Everything works fine when we both start the reflectors at the same time,
but... a)when one of us starts without the other he crashes after 3 seconds
b) when we're connected and one of us crashes, the other one crashes too...

We're trying to set up an CU-SeeMe network in our university, for
"broadcasting" audio (and later (much later) MBone sessions. Anyone any
experience with this?

Stefaan Quix

Stuc, Arts Centre
E. Van Evenstraat 2d, B3000 Leuven, Belgium
tel: ++32 16 236773 fax: ++32 16 224676
CU-SeeMe Reflector