Re: CU and OS2

Clint (
Mon, 18 Dec 1995 12:59:57 EST

** Reply to note from 12/17/95 2:05pm +0100

> Concerning using CU with OS2 and installing there was someone who
> information on this earlier.
> As I do not know if he is still on this mailing list I will
> quote the message here:
> > Installation instructions for CUSEEME for OS/2 Presentation


Thanks for reposting the information about using Cu-seeme with OS/2. I
followed the instructions and it works like a charm. The message was very
timely as I had just joined this list for the specific purpose of finding out
how to get Cu-seeme running under OS/2. To my surprise and delight the
answer appeared in the first set of messages in this group!