Re: Screen capture help
Mon, 18 Dec 95 10:44:30 PST

PaintShop Pro works very well for capturing frames during CUSEEME.
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Subject: Screen capture help
Author: at ww-internet
Date: 12/17/95 12:21 AM

I'm using a Pentium PC with a QuickCam operating in Windows 3.11.
When I use the screen capture from MS, it captures the screen but
when I use it while CUSeeMe is running it captures the video that I
see as B/W as very vivid colors when I look at it again. The problem
is that the colors are not at all lifelike. Any suggestions on how to
do captures using the QuickCam and CUSeeMe? I don't know if others
are interested in this or not so I can get replies either through the
list or E-Mail me direct.
Thanks in advance,