Not so Newbie help Stage 2....

Richard (
Tue, 19 Dec 1995 09:05:11 GMT

Having solevd the 1 to 2 with your help ..many thanks to you all I think I
thanked everybody directly but if not *thanks*
I ventured my hand in response to this tantalizing mail

Hi there!
The Interactive Performance Group at New York University is broadcasting
its Digital Salon this evening on the NYU Reflector. The address is:
The Digital Salon is a performance/workshop featuring....
**MIDI percussionist Amy Knowles
**Performance artist Mark Coniglio
and other works in progress from the NYU community.
Feel free to log on beginning at 7pm.
Susan Jacobson
end snip------

so ready for a Midi boogie.... I logged onto the net (checked my connection
with my mail first :-)) opened my CuSeeMe 0.83b3PPC on my (now well
behaved) 8500PPC...System set as was when box came ie full AV goodies set
up...set my name in the preferences and checked the box there about
receiving video w/o confirmation....inserted the address
<> in the connect box ..left the Conference ID at
0...unchecked the box I will send Video..kept checked the box to receive
video and lit theblue touch paper..a reflector ID screen appeared with am
OK radio button ..pressed that and up came a screen with my name for the
picture blackened out ...(my Monitor set to 256 grays) left it for many
minutes..stayed black.. logged on many times..tried to find the
instructions to CuSeeMe at the is beautiful but let there be
light...the night finally descended and off to the land of nod I went...
anybody ?....

*very* many *thanks*


============== End part 2 ============================