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Tue, 19 Dec 1995 09:05:11 GMT

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>Hello everyone!
> I was wondering if anyone knows the difference between
>Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks? Is this a physical
>geography variable? Is so, why does this matter? I was always
>under the impression that the internet was making physical
>geography irrelevant. It says in the CU-SeeMe README document
>from WhitePine software that CUSM works over both of these
>Even "probably" responses are welcome.
>thankyou very much

In layperson's far as the first bit of the question goes..those
more experienced than myself a two day old CU-SeeMe'r wil have to answer
the next bits...

LAN's are those which are wired together 'locally'
WAN's are connections of LAN's externally to their locality
Groovy Software Inc's local network would be in its building(s)(and
anywhere anyone was directly wired into its LAN) in Happytown USA and its
WAN might connect its Reykavik, London, Guangzhou offices together for

Distinctions will be and are changing but the present dictinction is almost
one of how its wired. Having said that a worker for example equiped with
Apple remote access could reach from Honolulu Groovy Software's LAN back in
the USA or another LAN elsewhere or could plug into the LAN at the Honolulu
office and from there access via the WAN established between all of Groovy
Software's offices

I trust that is all clear as mud oops... I mean crystal :-)
Good Morning !