EcoCity Conference in Senegal

Jon Katz (
Tue, 19 Dec 1995 11:43:02 -0500

<' CU-SeeMe for EcoCity Conference in Senegal ? >
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A collaboration of several organizations is exploring a last-minute
effort to put the Third International EcoCity Conference out over the
Internet. The Conference will be held in the Village of Yoff, Senegal
January 8-12 1996. This is a grassroots conference of people working to
make urban areas more sustainable, through such approaches as renewable
energy sources, reduced dependence on the automobile, and urban

Due to limited resources and communications difficulties it is
still not clear whether it will be possible to successfully operate
CU-SeeMe from the Village. In any case, we plan to post daily Web page
updates from the Conference. E-mail us for the URL (see e-mail info

We are looking for people to participate who are now using CU-SeeMe
and have a serious interest in urban sustainability issues, or are
connected with organizations or individuals who do.

We are also seeking the loan of an easily transportable computer
that is equipped for video and/or audio, a video modulator to display Mac
or Windows pictures on a TV set (PAL European standard), and 28.8 kb
modems. We would appreciate hearing from anyone with a source for this
equipment loan, or with relevant industry contacts. Note that we are
seeking this second computer because bandwidth limitations will probably
force us to put video and audio on separate computers. People are coming
to the conference from enough scattered locations that transporting
portable equipment shouldn't be a problem.

E-Mail Info: Jon Katz can be contacted at <>
through Thursday December 21. After that time please e-mail to Yvonne
Andres, Global SchoolNet Foundation, <andresyv@CERF.NET> . PLEASE DO NOT

Participating organizations include EcoPartners Project (Cornell
University), Global SchoolNet Foundation, and APECSY (Village Association
of Yoff, Senegal).

Yours for a sustainable future,
-Jon Katz

Jon Katz e-mail:
EcoPartners Project 607 273-2611 fax 607 255-9985
Anabel Taylor Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca NY 14853, USA