Re[2]: WebSurfer Message (fwd)
Tue, 19 Dec 95 09:34:13 PST

I also had the same problem. Just moving the cooridinates back works however it
keeps happening. I found out (running 95 at home and office) if you copy the
.ini file to another, delete the .ini file and then using an editor put back all
your ip address the problem goes away perminatly.

They have probley changed something in the structure of the .ini file at some
point and thats what keeps messing it up.

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Subject: Re: WebSurfer Message (fwd)
Author: at ww-internet
Date: 12/18/95 10:21 PM

On Sat, 16 Dec 1995, CUSEEME wrote:
>On Fri, 15 Dec 1995, CUSEEME wrote:
>> At 12:06 AM 12/14/95 PST, you wrote:
>> >Win 95 on a P5/133. I am running a QuickCam and version 0.84. It worked for
>> one or two sessions but now I cannot open my
>> >local video window. It shows up on the task bar but will not open.
>> Try deleting the entire program AND the cuseeme.ini file in your windows
>> directory. this happened to me once when I closed the program while the
>> local video windows was minimized in win95... never found a way to restore
>> the window so I started over.
>I don't think you have to reinstall everything again.. :-)
>I bumped into the exact same problem last night, and on examing the
>coordinates in my cuseeme.ini I was astounded to find that the local
>video window (video position, window0) was somehow moved (by some gremlin
>inside my computer?! :-) to the edge, or rather the lower right hand
>corner of my display, somewhere inside the taskbar.
>It somehow seems to be a bug of the beta that the video window position
>would be "moved" to some unreasonable position and hidden within the
>taskbar if you had exited CUSeeme with the Local Window minimised.
>Therefore the solution is simple, and my local window sprung back to life
>again after I quited CUSeeme and edited the coordinates to some value
>within visible range (something like 100,100)!

The same thing happened to me. Much to my surprise I discovered that I
could pick the Win95 taskbar up and move it to the side of the screen - and
Voila! there was my minimized cuseeme window at the bottom of the screen.