Re: 28.8 Modems

Paul Margulies (
Tue, 19 Dec 1995 13:33:14 -0500

>AOL is offering 28.8 modems (brand not specified) for $190 + $5 shipping.
>Not a bad deal if you want to upgrade from 14.4 If you're not an AOL
>member, you can always do one of their 1-month free offers, buy the modem,
>and then drop the service at no cost to you...
>NOTE: If you think this is off-topic, flames are accepted 2-4am cst...
> Bob

No flame intended, but as a former AOL remote staffer, I must point out
that good inexpensive 28.8 modems are available around $139 from most mail
order houses, dealers, etc.

Trust me, AOL has never done anything to benefit anyone other than AOL.