Re: Voice Between PCs and Phones

Michael Sattler (
Tue, 19 Dec 1995 15:57:28 -0800

You said to me:

>A new service that will be introduced soon allows Internet-based PC users
>to carry on conservations with people on ordinary telephones. I don't know
>what it will take to make CU-SeeMe compatible with this system, but it
>would be great to be able to place overseas phone calls using CU-SeeMe for
>only 10 cents a minute!

I beg to differ. CU-SeeMe is software optimized for sending audio and
video over 10 mbps networks. It's been modified to allow low-bandwidth
(modem) users to play.

If you want to use computer-based telephony then use an application
optimized for that sort of interaction. Philip Zimmermann is directing a
group of people who have created PGP Fone, which allows
computer-to-computer (over phone lines, Internet to come) encrypted
conversations for Macs (Win to come). Find PGP Fone at MIT

Let's rage against bloated all-in-one applications. Heck, if the CU-SeeMe
dev team could make an audio library, perhaps in conjunction with Andy
Greene (NetPhone) and Charley Kline (Maven), then we'd all benefit.

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