Re: CU-SeeMe With Mac 5200

Michael Sattler (
Tue, 19 Dec 1995 15:58:14 -0800

At 5:44 AM 12/17/95, Mark Armitage wrote:

>I'm runing 0.8b3 on a PowerMac 5200 CD TVplus (24Mb) with PPP. It nearly
>always crashes after a short period of time with type 11, 7 or 1 errors.

I have no idea what a TVplus is, but nonetheless:

Does this happen when you trash your current CU-SeeMe Preferences file? Are
you running the latest PowerPC CU-SeeMe? Are you using MacOS 7.5.1 (at
least)? Have you run Disk First Aid (or Norton DD) on your hard drive?
Using minimal extensions?

If the answers to these are in the affirmative, then get Macsbug from
Apple's ftp site and see what it says when you crash. That'll give you a

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