Re: Piccies one way and silence is not so golden..

Michael Sattler (
Tue, 19 Dec 1995 15:58:07 -0800

At 6:55 AM 12/17/95, Richard Reese-Edwards wrote:

>Got CU-SeeMe (how i love it...) going from my PPC 8500 System 7.5.2 lots of
>goodies to my friend's PPC 5200 System 7.5 both with O.8b3

She should upgrade (for free) to MacOS 7.5.1, avail from Apple's ftp site.
It's four disk images.

Check that you're using the PowerPC native version of CU-SeeMe, avail from

Check that you're only running Control Panels and Extensions necessary to
run CU-SeeMe on your PowerMacs.

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