Re: Newbie question (and new CU-SeeMe Reflector List)

Michael Sattler (
Tue, 19 Dec 1995 16:21:38 -0800

At 4:11 AM 12/17/95, Geert DeBecker wrote:

>Does anyone have any suggestions as to which servers I should "try"
>to connect, to have the best chance of actually getting thru, as a
>European (Belgium) ??

We're quite proud of our tolerance; even as a Belgian you're welcome to use
CU-SeeMe. :-) But seriously, the reason I made the reflector list
geographic is so that you can find sites in or near your time zones: most
of us use CU-SeeMe in the evenings (except for the office-wired).

BTW, a new and >free< CU-SeeMe reflector list is about to go out.

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