CU-SeeMe over a Satellite Telephone

Joseph M Izen (
Tue, 19 Dec 1995 18:48:20 -0600

I am working on a project to bring a feed of a dinosaur excavation from Big
Bend National Park in Texas to a 5th grade classroom at Brinker Elementary
School here in Texas, and hopefully to other classrooms around the internet
via reflectors. A technical problem has arisen for getting the signal out
from a remote part of Big Bend. Has anyone in the CU-SeeMe community
experimented with transmitting a CU-SeeMe signal over a satellite
telephone? I would be very interested in your experience and what hardware
and satellite service you used. Or are we breaking new ground?

I did a WWW search and found the following contacts for satellite
telephones which may be of interest to this list. I have not contacted the
companies yet. The contact info is right off their WWW pages.
Please address your comments and suggestions to the
Phone: +1-516-273-4455
Fax: +1-516-273-4583
Steve Lieber & Associates
16910 Texas Avenue, Suite A-11/12
Webster, Texas 77598
Phone: (713) 332-4656
Fax: (713) 338-2472

Here's a blurb on the satellite that I think these services are using. THe
blurb advertises data rates as high as 56kbit/s