Re: WebSurfer Message (fwd)

Bill Woodland (
Tue, 19 Dec 1995 21:23:43 -0600

>>Therefore the solution is simple, and my local window sprung back to life
>>again after I quited CUSeeme and edited the coordinates to some value
>>within visible range (something like 100,100)!
>The same thing happened to me. Much to my surprise I discovered that I
>could pick the Win95 taskbar up and move it to the side of the screen - and
>Voila! there was my minimized cuseeme window at the bottom of the screen.
Isn't Microsoft wonderful? I spent about a week with a lady trying to help
her and found that she had the same problem. Thanks for the info. If
anyone ahs any more "horror stories" about WIN95 and CU-SeeMe, I would like
you to send them directly to me for my FAQ. Thanks, all.

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