Where are all the bits going?

Bill Neisius (neisius@netcom.com)
Tue, 19 Dec 1995 19:57:33 -0800 (PST)

A typical situation: connected to piney.wpine.com; 1 or more
video windows open; all windows displaying blank or frozen

While this is happening, I notice that TCPMETER is still
reporting approximately 3000 bytes/second received... the
'local video' window claims that it's receiving
about 24000 bits/second... and yet all the open video windows
show 0 fps and 0 kbps.

So what's happening to the 3000 bytes/second that are being
received? None of it seems to appear as video...

I noticed a similar situation when I connect to my own machine:
if the transmit max rate is set too high ( 30 Kbps on a 28.8 connection),
the transmit saturates; maximum data is sent across the link,
yet the video window is frozen. Reducing the transmit rate (to about
20 Kbps) starts the video flowing again...

It's almost as if the new packet arrives before it's finished
processing the current packet... maximum data flows across the
connection, but the program never sees an 'end of packet', and
never updates the video... Seems like that would be pretty easy
to fix though...

Bill Neisius