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Wed, 20 Dec 1995 08:36:35 -0500

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Subj: Re: 28.8 Modems
Date: 95-12-20 08:35:18 EST
From: SteveSmith
To: Roderic@wavenet.com

On 12-20-95 Andrew Germaine wrote:

> Brand: Best Data
> Internal Fax/Modem 28.8
> $99.00 at PC MALL 1-800-555-MALL
> . . . Rockwell Chipset . . .

I have had bad luck with these so-called "Basic" Fax Modems. Also known as
RPI or ROPI modems, they save money by doing their data compression and error
correction via software instead of hardware. May work marginally as long as
you stick with the software included, but error rates are intolerable when
you try to use your favorite comm software (Procomm Plus for one) that
doesn't support RPI.

I like (and sell) the Infotel modems - also available via mail-order from
MidWest Micro (800-972-8822). Their whole line of modems come with a 10-year
warranty. Sample prices as advertised in the January '96 Computer Shopper:
Infotel 28.8 V.34 Internal $139 External $159 (free cable)

If the deal looks too good to be true, it probably is.

Steve Smith
Byte One, Inc.