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>When I was using CU-SeeMe on a reflector (with my "Nickname"), a man asked
>me about my home town area (his typing my address and location). Since I
>only used my nickname I know my IP # is there too), how did he get my name
>and home address? This can be a little scary. I know my name comes up on
>the email portion (as above). Someone told me NOTHING is confidential on
>the Internet and I would never give a credit card number, etc. but, I would
>like to think my home address is confidential. Any comments on how he did

Several possibilities:

a) was this guy a lurker, or could you see him.
Maybe if he was a lurker he was just a friend of you also using
a nickname and he was pulling your leg.....

b) Through the IP adress it is possible to get someone's e-mail adress
this is tricky but for an experienced internet user not too difficult
(there is an article somewhere on the net about this, if you want
i can check that out and give you the article or the web pages it is on)

Now if you might be registered in some phonebook services like four11 or
so, he just might have checked you up.

c) the guy works at your provider and just looked in their database
for info about you.

That's what I can think off.


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