Re: local and wide area networks

Joe Huber (
Wed, 20 Dec 1995 02:39:28 -0800

At one level this generalization is true. However its often assumed that a
Local LAN will have a lot higher bandwidth capability than access thru a
remote WAN infrastructure.

So people still talk about LAN and WAN as acronyms for high speed local
networks and typically lower speed remore or wide area networks.

LANs being higher speed will offer better performance than the typically
lower speed access to WANs.

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At 3:58 PM 12/19/95, Michael Sattler wrote:
>>I was wondering if anyone knows the difference between
>>Local Area Networks and Wide Area Networks? Is this a physical
>>geography variable?
>A LAN is usually within one building, a WAN connects several buildings in a
>campus (corporate or academic).
>>Is so, why does this matter? I was always
>>under the impression that the internet was making physical
>>geography irrelevant.
>It is.
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