Re: ID

Jonathan Caldwell (
Wed, 20 Dec 1995 09:59:32 -0500

>When I was using CU-SeeMe on a reflector (with my "Nickname"), a man asked
>me about my home town area (his typing my address and location). Since I
>only used my nickname I know my IP # is there too), how did he get my name
>and home address? This can be a little scary. I know my name comes up on
>the email portion (as above). Someone told me NOTHING is confidential on
>the Internet and I would never give a credit card number, etc. but, I would
>like to think my home address is confidential. Any comments on how he did


You answered your question at least part of the way. By knowing
your IP, _anyone_ can look in the InterNIC registry to find the ISP you are
connected to. They might be able to pinpoint the city you're in, but not
likely your street address (unless you ran an ISP from your home).

How would they do it then?

1. Telnet to:
2. Type: whois
3. Type: net 999.999
where 999.999 is the first two sections
of your (or anyone's) IP.

This lists the ISP provider information, or
the group of ISPs that share the name first
two IP sections.

4. Type: quit, and quit again to exit