Re: ID

ssr&s (
Wed, 20 Dec 1995 11:03:35 -0500

>When I was using CU-SeeMe on a reflector (with my "Nickname"), a man asked
>me about my home town area (his typing my address and location). Since I
>only used my nickname I know my IP # is there too), how did he get my name
>and home address? This can be a little scary. I know my name comes up on
>the email portion (as above). Someone told me NOTHING is confidential on
>the Internet and I would never give a credit card number, etc. but, I would
>like to think my home address is confidential. Any comments on how he did

your IP number is connected to you in the following way:

nslookup of your IP number shows your PC name.
if you have a static IP number (stays the same for each connect) you might
have enough of your real name attached to it to form a good guess; many PC
names are formed this way:
a WHOIS of your provider will show the approximate location of where you are
calling from; this assumes that if your provider is in dallas, for example,
you are probably local to dallas.
if you have registered your own vanity domain, then your complete name and
address is available via WHOIS on your PC name. as well as your phone number.

talk to your provider about what sort of stuff is available via finger and
whois of your pc name! stay safe!