color problem

Vincent (
Thu, 21 Dec 1995 00:25:05 +0100


I got a problem which I can't solve. This list is my final hope.
I bought an SE100 videoblaster. It's works ok with al the other
applications I use (video-editing, graphics capture, etc)
But when I use it for cuseeme (version 0.84b6) I only can
xmit about 8/16 shades of gray, regardless if I switch to
64 or 256 colors in the video-setup in cuseeme.
(I receive cuseeme pictures whitch do have more then 8/16
shades of gray)
I use win95 with the latest win95 SE100 drivers from creative.
486DX-266 with 24 Mbyte ram mainboard
My videocard is a Stealth-64 VLB video(with feature connector, 2MB Dram)
and also using the latest (beta) win95 v 2.x drivers from diamond.
I just can't figure it out.. I can capture live video in 256
shades of gray with any videoeditting program I tried, with
no problem, but I can't get it to work with cuseeme..
I tried several versions of drivers for the SE100 and the
Stealth, I tried al the graphics resolutions with al combinations
of colors in combination with al the settings of cuseeme.
I reinstalled the setups for the SE100 and the Stealth with
no change.
so HELP..!!
Anyone got the same problem..? solutions...? tips..?
Please mail me (also) to my personal address, cause I'm not
subscribed to this list.

Best regards,

Vincent de Badts