CU-SeeMe Audio

Dragon (
Wed, 20 Dec 1995 20:30:54 -0400

Hi folks,

I'm have a problem in inputing sound in CU-SeeMe. Every time
I launch CU-SeeMe, a box poped out and said, "Unable to find
any audio input devices." And the microphone button in the
audio window was disabled. I could only send video with no
sound. Besides, there was no sound out, too. Could anybody
kindly help me out of this?

Thanks in advance.

Rainer Sip

Here is my system info:
-Quadra 840av
-16MB of RAM
-PlainTalk mic or/ input sound fron VCam
-System 7.5.1
-Sound Manager 3.0
-CU-SeeMe V.0.83b3
-every was fine with NetPhone
-connect via PPP with USR Sportster @V.FC