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R.S. (
Wed, 20 Dec 1995 21:48:58 -0500

On Tue, 19 Dec 1995 21:23:43 -0600, Bill Woodland ( wrote:

>>>Therefore the solution is simple, and my local window sprung back to life
>>>again after I quited CUSeeme and edited the coordinates to some value
>>>within visible range (something like 100,100)!
>>The same thing happened to me. Much to my surprise I discovered that I
>>could pick the Win95 taskbar up and move it to the side of the screen - and
>>Voila! there was my minimized cuseeme window at the bottom of the screen.
>Isn't Microsoft wonderful? I spent about a week with a lady trying to help
>her and found that she had the same problem. Thanks for the info. If
>anyone ahs any more "horror stories" about WIN95 and CU-SeeMe, I would like
>you to send them directly to me for my FAQ. Thanks, all.
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Caution is advised. This happened to me, but I know why! I use a
notebook, and at home it is in 640*480 screen size. At work it is
800*600. I used it at work and it tiled accordingly. Came home and
nothing was visible! I'd moved some of the panels to the bottom of the
600 deep screen, so they were below the 480 boundary...! Isn't it
lovely with all of the choices we have (and sometimes make to our own