My IP address, setup, etc.... HELP!

R.S. (
Wed, 20 Dec 1995 21:50:45 -0500

I can only lurk, as I do not have a sound card or video monitor/board in
my notebook. That is fine for my purposes, since I simply want to be
able to watch NASA TV when it is not available in Toronto (which is most
of the time, since it is not a Canadian service, and therefore cannot be
supplied without special CRTC permission unless we drop a different US
service, etc.)

However, my ISP uses dynamic IP addressing, and I do not have a fixed
address to plug into the IP value CUSEEME asks for. What is the

I run under Windows95 and get the same error message re the installation
of the video driver that others have reported, as well as the address
errors, yet CUSEEME then will work! Interesting is that until I start
Netscape 2 beta performance crawls, then it suddenly speeds up. Any
clues are welcome...

In general - HELP! The material that comes with CUSEEME does NOT
address my type of setup, and the FAQ and Web Sites do not either.

Thanks in advance for any help....