No clarity in picture

21-Dec-1995 1052 +0800 (
Wed, 20 Dec 95 21:30:27 PST

386DX,8 MB RAM,240 MB HDD
Video Blaster : Creative Labs VBSE100

CU-SeeMe ver : 0.084b7

Problem : We connected video sources(camera & VCR) to VBSE100
& it works very fine.But when we try to send video using Cu-SeeMe,
the clarity of the picture is very bad.
The settings are -
8 bit palletized
256 gray
160 x 120
With these settings we get the best possible picture which by
itself is very bad.It is like a hazy picture of diff. shades of gray.
Please help us.
Thank you in advance,
Vani P.S.
Roopa Bhandarkar