Re: New Book

Vinay Kumar (
Wed, 20 Dec 1995 20:30:03 -0400

Since we are on the subject of books on videoconferencing, here is another
fyi. A new book called "MBone: Interactive Multimedia On The Internet",
Macmillan Publishing, Simon & Schuster, is also available in bookstores.
This book covers videoconferencing issues over packet networks (including
CU-SeeMe). More details available via:

ISBN Number: 1-56205-397-3


 Vinay Kumar

>I just bought a copy of a new book called "Internet TV with CU-SeeMe" by >Michael Sattler that has everything you ever wanted to know about >videoconferencing over the internet using CU-SeeMe. > >I bought the book from Global Videoconferencing Solutions. Their phone number >is 1-800-909-4874. The emai address is I got the book for >$23.95. > >MMR > >