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Michael Sattler (
Fri, 20 Oct 1995 22:10:23 -0800

At 10:46 AM 12/19/95, Barbara M. Gleason wrote:

>When I was using CU-SeeMe on a reflector (with my "Nickname"), a man asked
>me about my home town area (his typing my address and location). Since I
>only used my nickname I know my IP # is there too), how did he get my name
>and home address?

If someone connects your online presence with a general location (perhaps
doing a "whois") and then connects your nickname with your real
name, then he can call directory assistance.

>This can be a little scary. I know my name comes up on
>the email portion (as above). Someone told me NOTHING is confidential on
>the Internet and I would never give a credit card number, etc. but, I would
>like to think my home address is confidential.

Never give your credit card number, etc., over an *insecure* channel.
Netscape has a reasonably secure encryption as long as you've got the
secure version of the browser and are in a secure page (look at the lock
icon at the bottom left of the browser window). PGP (Pretty Good Privacy)
provides military-grade encryption.

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