Re: CU-SeeMe over a Satellite Telephone

Michael Sattler (
Fri, 20 Oct 1995 22:11:13 -0800

At 6:48 PM 12/19/95, Joseph M Izen wrote:

>...A technical problem has arisen for getting the signal out
>from a remote part of Big Bend. Has anyone in the CU-SeeMe community
>experimented with transmitting a CU-SeeMe signal over a satellite
>telephone? I would be very interested in your experience and what hardware
>and satellite service you used. Or are we breaking new ground?

You are not breaking new ground. The MayaQuest project is transmitting
live video to schoolkids I write. I suggest you ask the folks on the
Technomads/Wearables list <>, where this was
recently discussed. I'd just pass on the article, but I've already tossed
it. You might want to do a search at Yahoo <> for
"technomads" to see if there's an archive. (I'd do it for you but I'm
sitting in a cafe at the moment...)