Quickcam; Mouse Interference

Dan Breitigam (danbreit@ix.netcom.com)
Wed, 20 Dec 1995 23:03:51 -0800

[Win95 12meg 100mhz 486DX MS comp. mouse]

This message regards the Quickcam video camera. So far, I am the only =
one I know of with this problem. If ANYONE else has this problem, =
please E-mail me. When I move my mouse, and only then, I get many white =
horizontal lines of interference in my local video window about one-half =
inch long. Therefore CU tries to send so much information that my =
frames per second rate goes WAY down. Things I have tried:
1) Shortening all extension cables.
2) Changing the win.ini file (mouse.drv=3Dmouse.drv)
3) Trying various other mouse drivers that come with win95.
4) Contacting Connectix tech support. So far, their ideas have =
yielded nothing.

Thanx, Dan Breitigam (danbreit@ix.netcom.com)